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Strategy and Creativity: We will build with you a detailed and comprehensive business plan that includes data analysis and balance sheet understanding. Professional Accompaniment: Our team of consultants will guide you through the entire business consulting process that includes providing solutions and improving business performance! Achieving Goals: We will help you set goals and achieving them, until economic growth and profit increase!
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Financial consulting

Organizational consulting

Franchising consulting

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Understanding consumer needs

Responding to all business functions – Through understanding that all aspects of the business are related to each other and cannot be separated, we will examine the business from every direction, and adapt the most effective consulting.

Achieving goals and objectives

We understand the main goal of most businesses – increasing profits. through the company’s consultants and analysis, we can help you and lead you towards achieving just that.

24/7 Business consulting

As part of a business consulting process, we will go through all business aspects, analyze all your data and optimize your business to a significant increase of profitability and business revenue

business connections

We know that in order to create a significant advantage for your business, you need solid business to business relationships that will boost your business forward.

Business concept

Developing a business concept tailored to your business needs is the key to success. Therefore, it is important for us to constantly examine and research different business models so that we can produce the optimal business model for you.

Building a business plan

We build a personalized business plan tailored to your business that will be produced after a thorough diagnosis with our experienced business consulting team which includes both short and long term planning ..!
Choosing a professional consultant

All the tips for choosing a business consulting tailor-made for your business

Who are business consultants and how do we choose the best ones?

A business consultant must have broad knowledge and education in the field of business management, with various specialties such as marketing, finance, family business, logistics, information systems, strategy, business recovery financial health, cash flow management and more. Apart from this, there are specialties by industry such as small craft, traditional industry, and high-tech. A business consultant holds an academic degree in economics, business administration, psychology, organizational behavior, industry and management, and accounting. The business consultant must have at least 3 years of business consulting experience, with at least half of his experience working in Israel.

Consulting services for all types of businesses!

Why do you need a professional business consultant?

ייעוץ עסקי לעסקים בינוניים, דוחות רווח והפסד
Many businesses, whether small or medium, may feel some sort of credit crunch at some point. There are other situations that no longer have control over what is going on in the business, whether the business owners are looking for a change and to grow and thus they are looking for a new direction. There are other cases in which, for example, the business grows, and the infrastructure is insufficient for the size of the activity. Sometimes, there is a need for a company that provides business advice when it comes to a family business that wants to train the next generation. Every course of business consulting requires a thorough knowledge of the business and the environment to which it belongs. The field of business operations must be thoroughly understood, and the consultant must assist everything related to the weaknesses and strengths of the business. After the business consultants familiarize themselves with all of the history and the overall operations of the business, such as business conduct, a marketing strategic plan must be executed and precisely define, how the business markets its products and services it provides.

Help in making business and marketing decisions better

Business consulting is a process through which many business organizations and business owners consult with business advisors who accompany them in the process of making business and marketing decisions. The highest goal of business consulting and business advising is to make a focused and meaningful contribution to achieving business goals of any business, company or organization. A complete and accurate plan must be provided for the success of the various business objectives, while also providing financial advice to business owners or business organizations.

Goals set by the business owner must be reached and together with the business consultant, a work plan can be built that helps reaching the desired goals, through management tools, new perspectives on existing business problems and more. It is a process that is done in stages, through regular business meetings.

Business Consulting and Accompaniment - The 3 Main Steps

When you invite a business consulting firm to optimize your business, organization or company, you will need to go through 3 steps. The first is to diagnose and evaluate the business situation. Familiarity with the business, or the company, must be made when studying the company's challenges and objectives
After this step, a diagnostic report will be presented, which will contain a current picture of the company and recommended goals and actions in each of the aspects listed above. A solution must be devised when, through business consulting, you can already set goals and objectives, while preparing a clear and precise work plan. Goals must be achieved on schedule. At this stage, the problems that exist in the business or the company must also be characterized, and solutions developed, through which it will already be possible to decide on a strategy, an investment forecast, and then financing can be obtained according to needs. The second step is the implementation phase of the decisions that have been made. This is the active stage of the company in decision making. The third step will be priority management by creating reporting, controlling and overseeing mechanisms, roles and responsibilities assignment within the company, recruiting, receiving, ongoing management and even employees’ layoff.

don't settle for less than the absolute best !

If you already decided to use business consulting

don't settle for less than the absolute best!

In Israel, there are many business consulting companies, especially in recent years more companies have emerged, when there is a complicated economic problem in Israel. You will get many options, in choosing a professional business consultant who is reputable. It is highly recommended, not to compromise on the company that provides these services, to your business, organization or company. A well-known and reputable company can answer questions such as how to deal with credit issues? What is the value of the company or business today? What can be achieved through proper counseling and conduct? What growth engines should you concentrate on? Can more directions be found to increase business sales and profitability? If the business owner or company is thinking about merging or purchasing, how and with whom would it be appropriate to consider this option?
There here are many questions and a company that offers business consulting services must answer them. One of the recognized companies that have managed to optimize many businesses is MINDED, which is a boutique company that provides business, financial and corporate consulting services to medium and small businesses in the fields of retail, food, services and trade and more. The company has reach experience, having accompanied business for years from a variety of fields. The company will know how to lead you to the success of the business. The company has about 150 employees, with the network growing. The company's services include: Building a business plan, financing, budget management, organizational consulting, optimizing work processes. All business escort and consulting are carried out alongside the implementation of organizational work plans, management level escort, and proper budget management programs and winning marketing.
The winning team

Of Minded - Business Consulting

אודות אורי מלר - מנהל חברת MINDED
Ori Maler

holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from Rupin College and qualified as a personal adviser from the Open University and Toot company. Has rich experience in business entrepreneurship and owns numerous businesses and ventures in the past and present. Member of the Israel Business Advisors Bureau. Member of legislation Committee in the Israeli Knesset in the field of franchising.

אודות עדי איצקין - מנהלת חברת MINDED
Adi Itzkin
holds a bachelor's degree in social sciences management and economics and a master's degree in business administration from Ben Gurion University. Lecturer at the Open University in the field of Business Administration and Academic Center Peres and researches the field of employee motivation and decision making in organizations. Member of the IPA (Israeli Organizational Development Association).

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